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Mayor Cllr Ian Room unveils new commemorative plaque in Rock Park.  
Barnstaple Town Council put in the new plaque as a replacement for one Mrs Jewell herself planted over a 100 years ago. Unfortunately, the copper beech tree which she planted in commemoration of the ending of WWI, is consuming the original plaque. As Mrs Jewell is such an important figure in the history of Barnstaple the plaque was deemed too important to lose. The Town Council, with help from Mrs Jewells family, had a new plaque created to mirror the old one so that her efforts would not be forgotten. Mrs Jewell not only supported her husband Mr Jewell during his term as mayor, she also coordinated a massive effort to help troops abroad and their families at home. She spearheaded the raising of hundreds of guineas for the Belgian Relief Fund. She furnished homes to accommodate a 100 Belgians, she also raised the money to fund a Barnstaple bed in a Serbian hospital for a year. Mrs Jewell recruited a large willing band of local ladies who spent their time knitting, crocheting and cooking. Hundreds of pounds of jam, ingredients willingly donated, were given to poorer families whose men had gone to war. 
She organised flag days for many good causes, fetes, sales, raffles and collections of old newspapers, all to raise money. Thousands of eggs were collected, some for the casualties and some to be sent to the boys at the front. After the war and her term as Mayoress, she went on to become Barnstaple Town Council's first female councillor.  
Mayor Cllr Ian Room pictured with members of Mrs Jewells family including her Great Grandson Mr Peter Jewell.  
Old plaque pictured next to the new one planted by the Mayor and members of Mrs Jewells family.  
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