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Photo of The Square featuring the Barnstaple Museum and The Albert Clock


Become a Town Councillor and make a difference... 
Play a part in making decisions affecting your area 
Get more involved in your community 
Influence the way local services are provided 
There are two methods of becoming a Town Councillor: 
Councillors are elected for a term of four years, normally in the first week of May and all 24 Town Councillors are up for election each time, our next election is in 2023. It is also possible that a vacancy might occur mid term in this case there can be a By-election, or: 
If a Town Councillor vacancy occurs it is possible for a person to apply and be co-opted, without election. This rarely occurs in Barnstaple as most seats are contested. 
There is a statutory process for the declaration of a vacancy and election or co-option, this is managed through North Devon Council who are the elections authority for all Town and Parish Councils in North Devon. 
We hope this helps your understanding of how to become a Town Councillor. 
Between elections there are opportunities to be involved with the Town Council as a volunteer in some of the activities that we run and most of our meetings are open to the public (currently via Zoom) and you are more than welcome to come and see what happens. 
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