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Photo of The Square featuring the Barnstaple Museum and The Albert Clock


The Town Council employs 16 members of staff in total, in the following roles: 
Town Clerk - Robert Ward
Town Clerk 
Rob Ward is the Council's Town Clerk for Barnstaple is responsible for the overall management of the Council's work, advising the Council, and ensuring its decisions are carried out. They are the Council’s Proper Officer and Responsible Financial Officer, statutory roles that mean he has overall responsibility for all the Council's legal, financial and administrative affairs. 
Rob also clerks Full Council, Finance & General Purposes Committee, Planning & Transportation Committee, Staff Committee and Rock Park Trust Management Committee meetings, and is the first point of contact for all of the work of those committees. 
Rob directly line manages the Deputy Town Clerk and the Finance Officer. 
The Town Clerk also fulfils a traditional ceremonial role, and can be seen at various civic events in formal robes. 
The Town Clerk role is full-time.  
Assistant to the Town Clerk - Janine Reed
Administration Manager 
Janine Reed is the Administration Manager and oversees all aspects of general administration including Council Minutes/Agendas, our website and social media presence, our reception and other direct means of contact with the public, booking of Council facilities, debt recovery and management of our corporate systems. 
The post has direct responsibility for the Administration Officers and Civic and Ceremonial Manager 
The Assistant to Town Clerk role is part-time. 
Administration Officer  
Jacky Linden is one of the Council's Administration Officers, and supports the Assistant to the Town Clerk in carrying out all administrative tasks and is your first point of contact. 
The post is part time. 
Administration Officer - Gill Preston
Administration Officer 
This position is currently vacant.  
The post is part time. 
Amenities Operative - Clive Leworthy
Amenities Operative 
Clive Leworthy is our Amenities Operative, and carries out a range of duties aimed at keeping Barnstaple clean and tidy. These include maintenance of The Square and other planted areas, parish paths, litter collection, and individual ‘clean up’ projects across the town. 
This position is full-time and has direct line management for the post of Assistant Amenities Operative. 
Amenities & Property Manager - Ian Parker
Amenities & Property Manager 
Ian Parker is the Council’s Amenities & Property Manager, and is responsible for all aspects of the Council’s property management and maintenance. He is also the designated responsible officer for health and safety matters. 
This position has direct line management responsibility for the Amenities Operative and Cleaner. The post is full-time. 
Assistant Amenities Operative 
John Sheehan is the Assistant Amenities Operative and carries out a large range of duties aimed at keeping Barnstaple clean and tidy.  
This post is full-time . 
Senior Beadle 
Don Gramlich is the Council’s Senior Beadle. He accompanies the Mayor (or Deputy Mayor) to civic engagements and is responsible for the civic regalia when in use by the Mayor. 
The Senior Beadle also has specific roles at ceremonial events. 
The post is part-time. 
Civic & Ceremonial Manager - Louise Lecky-Thompson
Civic & Ceremonial Manager 
Louise Lecky-Thompson, the Civic and Ceremonical Manager organises all of the Council’s ceremonial events including Remembrance, Fair Proclamation, the Mayor’s Civic Service, and Mayor Making. 
This post also acts as secretarial support to the Mayor and Deputy Mayor and is the first point of contact for all of the Mayor’s activities and engagements. 
The Civic & Ceremonial Manager has direct line management responsibility for the Senior Beadle, Beadle, and the two Macebearers. 
The position is part-time. 
Cleaner - Chris Jewell
Chris Jewell is the Council’s Cleaner. He cleans our Barum House offices, the Guildhall, St Anne’s Arts & Community Centre, and the Castle Centre. This post also occasionally assists at Council events. 
The position is part-time. 
Properties Officer - Barry Rondel
Properties Officer 
Barry Rondel is the Properties Officer and carries out a range 
of property maintenance duties across the Council's buildings. 
The post is full-time.  
Finance Officer - Natasha Lewis
Finance Officer 
Natasha Lewis BA (Hons) is the Council’s Finance Officer, and oversees all of the Council’s day-to-day financial affairs, including supplier payments, allocation of income, bank accounts and reconciliation, management of payroll/pensions, maintaining the Council’s accounts and preparing records and returns for audit and VAT purposes. 
The position is part-time. 
Heritage & Cultural Manager - Megan Sanders
Heritage & Cultural Manager 
Megan Sanders (BA Hons) is the Council’s Heritage & Cultural Manager. She oversees heritage, cultural and community events and activities provided by/for the Council, manages the use of Barnstaple Guildhall, oversees heritage tours, and is responsible for volunteers supporting the Council’s heritage work. 
This position is full-time. 
Macebearer - Lance White
Lance White is one of our two Macebearers, the other position is currently vacant. Alongside the Senior Beadle and Beadle, the Macebearers carry out important ceremonial roles at civic events. 
The Macebearers are part-time positions. 
Property Maintenance Operative 
Tony Gillen is the Property Maintenance Operative, and carries out a range of property maintenance duties across the Council’s buildings and land. Tony also has some duties in relation to allotments. 
This position is full-time. 
Senior Beadle - George Lovering
George Lovering is the Beadle. This role deputises in the absence of the Senior Beadle, and assists the Senior Beadle at ceremonial events throughout the year. 
This post is part-time. 
Organisational Chart September 2019
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