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The Square featuring the Albert Clock and the Museum of Barnstaple


The Town Council manages the following five allotment sites: 
Bryant’s Field - EX32 7EA 
Fairview - EX31 1JR 
Higher Raleigh - EX31 1PR 
Mill Road - EX31 1JQ 
Sunnybank - EX32 8LB 
Barnstaple Allotments


There is a primary and secondary waiting list for each site, to enquire about your position on the waiting list or the possibility of renting an allotment, please contact admin on 01271 373311 or email: [email protected] 
The Primary Waiting List is for those in the town who do not already rent an allotment plot from the Town Council, this system operates on a first come, first serve basis and takes priority over the secondary waiting list. 
The Secondary Waiting List is for those who already rent an allotment from the Town Council and would like an additional plot, this system operates on a first come first serve basis, but will only be considered if there is no one on the primary waiting list. 
Please submit completed forms to [email protected] or send them to Barnstaple Town Council, Barum House, The Square, Barnstaple, EX32 8LS 


Allotment Inspections are undertaken sporadically, but we aim to inspect at least once every three months. We use the tenancy agreement, that all tenants must sign when taking on a Town Council plot, as the basis for our inspections and will list any policies that tenants are not adhering too when we write to them. 
Should you have any concerns about an Allotment Plot, or you think that a tenant isn't abiding by the rules set out in the agreement, or you wish to make a complaint, please feel free to contact us.  


New Tenancy Agreement 
The Environment Committee has agreed to the new Tenancy Agreement and two copies will be sent to all current tenants along with the rent renewall for 2019-2020. You should have recieved this by the beginning of October 2019.  
The new tenancy has a few new policies and some amended policies from previous agreements, please read this agreement carefully and adhere to the agreement at all times. We will be basing our inspections upon the policies within the new agreement.  
Barnstaple Allotment Association - Membership Form 2019-20 
In association with Barnstaple Town Council it is our aim to provide a friendly, communal environment for members and their children, and to promote gardening as a recreational activity, helping new gardeners wherever possible. We encourage members to conserve rain water, recycle green waste and maintain productive plots growing vegetables, fruit and flowers in harmony with the wildlife that share our allotment sites. 
We meet in the Corner House pub on Boutport Street every two months to discuss issues that affect our members, issues we can take to the Town Council, but most importantly exchange gardening successes, failures, ideas and tips. It is an informal, friendly social event for like-minded gardeners. 
If you would like to become a member (or renew membership) of the Barnstaple Allotment Association (BAA), the annual cost is £2.00. (Free to under 16’s) Our membership year runs from 1st April. 
The BAA is affiliated to the South West Counties Allotments Association (SWCAA), *Separate individual affiliation membership of SWCAA is available and importantly includes Public and Product Liability Insurance. The affiliation membership cost of the SWCAA is £10.00, however by being a member of the BAA this is reduced to £5.00 
Barnstaple Town Council have been working with the British Hen Welfare Trust to produce our new Guide to Keeping Chickens. This guide includes our policies along with good husbandry information and tips for keeping happy chickens on your allotment plot.  
The Environment Committee were very grateful for the help we recieved from the British Hen Welfare Trust and have donated £300 to them, which will enable them to rescue more hens from slaughter, so that they can enjoy a free range retirement.  
For more information on what the British Hen Welfare Trust do please visit their website https://www.bhwt.org.uk/  
If you are interested in keeping chickens on your allotment plot, please see the information posted below.  


Keeping chickens can be very rewarding and life-enriching and Barnstaple Town Council welcomes plot holders to make an application to keep chickens on their plot. We allow tenants to house up to 6 chickens and have a Guide to Keeping Chickens which includes the Town Council's Policy.  
To apply to keep chickens on your plot please complete an application form and submit it to [email protected] or post to Barnstaple Town Council, Barum House, The Square, Barnstaple, EX32 8LS.  
Further guidelines and our policy can be viewed by clicking on the links below. 
Keeping Chickens on Alloments
Any Sheds or Polytunnels on plots must have been approved by the Barnstaple Town Council Allotment Manager. Please make requests in writing.  
Any trees or shrubs must have been approved by Barnstaple Town Council prior to planting. Please make requests in writing. 
Barnstaple Town Council are encouraging all Allotment Tenants, old and new to practice Environmentally friendly and sustainable gardening, with a view to producing an information guide for tenants.  
Barnstaple Allotments
A presentation evening was held at Barnstaple Guildhall on Friday 20th September 201
Overall Winner, Mr A Abbott - Higher Raleigh HR23A 
Bryants Field 
GoldMrs Lewis BF53 
Silver Gilt - Mr Adekis BF28a 
SilverMr Fisher BF46 
Bronze - Mr Phillips BF48 
GoldMr Hernon FV15a 
Silver Gilt - Mr Clarbull FV13b 
SilverMr Murfitt FV22b 
Bronze - Mrs Vokins FV11a 
Higher Raleigh 
GoldMr Abbott HR23a 
Silver GiltMr Melhuish HR26a 
SilverMr Hamman HR9 
Bronze - Mrs Roberts HR13a 
Mill Road 
GoldMrs Harrison MR14 
Silver GiltMrs Davis MR10 
SilverMr Gent MR3 
Bronze - Mr Loder MR5 
GoldMr Partridge SB19 
Silver Gilt - Mr Bennett SB29 
Silver - Mrs Passmore SB16 
Bronze - Mr Troth SB26 
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