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The Square, featuring The Museum of Barnstaple and The Albert Clock


The Get Barum Blooming sponsorship scheme began in 2015 and offers businesses, community groups or individuals the opportunity to maintain, or pay for maintenance of a planted area in Barnstaple, in return for a free promotional sign. This community involvement supplements the Town Council’s own work on grassed and planted highway areas, and is a genuine promotional opportunity for local businesses. So far, some 25 local organisations have signed up to the scheme. 
Planting (or other design) schemes are subject to Devon County Council Highways approval, and the agreement includes conditions for required minimum maintenance standards. 
For more information contact Barnstaple Town Council on 01271 373311 or email: [email protected] 
Get Barum Blooming Poster


What Is A Planted Area? 
When we say ‘planted area’, we mean any grassed or otherwise planted highway area. Many of the areas now sponsored are roundabouts as with more traditional sponsorship schemes, but the majority are actually other roadside areas. 
What Size Are The Sponsored Areas? 
The sponsored area can be any size – from a small roundabout or street corner to the entire length of a road. 
Are There Any Extra Costs? 
The three-year sponsorship agreement is simple and free, provided it conforms to certain basic conditions (e.g. the sponsor only requires one standard sponsorship sign, the planting scheme doesn’t require extra planning permission). If the sponsor wants extra or different signs, or wants to install a life-size replica of the Albert Clock on a roundabout, they will have to meet the extra cost. 
Can I Hire Someone To Maintain My Sponsored Area? 
The sponsored area can be maintained either directly by the sponsor (who may use a contractor or may act as a voluntary group), or by BTC on behalf of the sponsor (BTC may sub-contract the work). 
What About Health And Safety Insurance? 
Health and Safety and insurance are addressed either through the contractor (if works are contracted) or the Town Council (if the works are carried out by volunteers) 
Who Pays For The Advertising Signs? 
The Town Council administers and funds advertising consent applications for standard signs, and buys and installs the signs for the sponsor. 
How Much Notice Must Be Given To End The Agreement? 
The agreement can be ended at three months’ notice of termination by either BTC or the sponsor. The Town Council assumes responsibility for the planted area if an agreement is terminated. This removes the financial pressure from sponsors who are concerned about the long-term commitment. 
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