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    "There But Not There", The Barnstaple Remembrance Trail  

Barnstaple Town Council are pleased to announce they will be taking part in the ‘There But Not There’ project. The Town Council’s Heritage committee was approached by Harriet, a resident of Barnstaple. Harriet came to a Heritage meeting and told the committee about how she envisioned a project where the Town Council and local heritage institutions such as the North Devon Museum and The North Devon Athenaeum. Work alongside local schools to research people, not just soldiers, but all different people affected by WWI, and give the silhouettes from the ‘There But Not There’ project an identity. Having the Town Councils involvement meant the project would be eligible for grant funding from the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust. They would give up to 10 silhouettes for free, to a community project that would bring the Armed Forces and the local community together to remember the sacrifices of WWI. 
We are excited to announce we were successful and will soon be in possession of 10 silhouettes. Both Park Community School and Pilton Community College have, with the help of North Devon Museum and The North Devon Athenaeum, been researching some amazing people and their stories which will be placed on the silhouettes. The ten silhouettes will then become Barnstaple’s Remembrance Trail. People will be able to follow a map around Barnstaple, to find each of the ten silhouettes and read about the people who made such huge sacrifices during WWI. 
The trail will be launched at the Children’s Remembrance Service on Friday 9th November and will take place during the entire Remembrance weekend, the trail will end on Monday 12th November 2018.  
For more information on the "There But Not There" national project please follow this link: 
For more information on The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust please follow this link: 
Where to find a map: 
You can download a map from this web-page or you can collect a hard copy of the map at any of these various locations around Barnstaple: 
The Popup Museum (open Saturday 10am - 4pm).  
St Anne's Arts and Community Centre, during the Barnstaple History Group's exhibition.  
Just Trio  
Queen Anne's Cafe  
The Barnstaple Library (open Saturday 9am - 5pm).  
Barnstaple Town Council office (open Friday 9.30am-12.30pm 1.30pm-4.30pm).  
To download a map please click on this link: Barnstaple Remembrance Trail  
There will also be a QR code on each silhouette, when scanned it will take you to this page on our website.  
Barnstaple Town Council would like to say a big thank you to all those whose supported this project: 
"There But Not There"  
The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust 
Harriet Lawrence  
The North Devon Athenaeum  
The North Devon Library  
The North Devon Museum  
Pilton Community College  
The Park Community School  
Pathfield Sixth Form  
Queen Anne's Cafe  
Just Trio  
The Plough at St Anne's  
Barnstaple History Group  
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